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Future Performances
Workshop bookings can be made at or see below 25 August, 2018
Workshop RSVP by 4 pm Wednesday August 22 to Stephen 0407 070 183 (and inquires) 25 August, 2018
Singing workshop for MEN! 10 am-1.00 pm CSA Building, Level 4, 445 Hay Street, Perth $25, lunch included 25 August, 2018
Aged Care Day TBC 12 September, 2018
Guildford Songfest Sat & Sun 15 September, 2018
Bentley Park Village Concert 23 September, 2018
World Poverty Day TBC 13 October, 2018
World Singing Day, 12 .00 noon, Yagan Square, TBC 20 October, 2018
Dunsborough Weekend of Singing (Fri, Sat, Sun) 27 October, 2018
AGM Members only TBC 01 November, 2018
Past Performances
2018 Tony Cook Remembrance Evening, Unions WA July
  Denmark FOV June 1 -4 June
  Unions WA May Day Rally May
  UWA Homeless Event 6PM April
2017 Renewable Energy and Farewell in Words and Song November
  Harold Peden Lecture November
  Dunsborough Weekend of Singing (Fri, Sat, Sun) November
  Anti-poverty Protest October
  Guildford Songfest Sat & Sun September
  "Sing the Issues" Workshop May
  May Day Rally Fremantle May
2016 Aleppo Service at St George's Cathedral December
  Greens Christmas Party December
  Peggy Gunn Afternoon Tea November
  Dunsborough Weekend November
  Harold Peden Lecture November
  Denmark Festival of Voice June
  Urban Festival Waneroo May
  Mrs Gunn's Birthday Party May
  May Day March May
2015 Climate Change Rally November
  Harold Peden Lecture November
  Dunsborough Fun Sing November
  Denmark Festival of Voice May
2014 Mrs Gunn Birthday do November
  Harold Peden 2014 Memorial Lecture November
  Working Voices AGM October
  WA Greens Conference September
  East Timor Friends Concert 2PM August
  Labor Party State Conference July
  25th Birthday Concert Fly-by-Night Club May
  Fracking Protest Cottesloe Beach February
2013 East Timor Concert September
  Denmark Festival of Voice June
  May Day Celebration May
2012 Spring Song November
  Fund Raiser Concert July
  Refuge Rally on steps of Wesley Church June
  Denmark Festival of Voice June
  National Folk Festival April
  Singing for a Friend March
2011 Song writers at Kulcha November
  Harold Peden Memorial Lecture November
  ALP WA State Conference June
  Denmark Festival of voice June
  Vic Williams Memorial Concert May
  Chimes of Freedom April
  Harmony Day March
2010 Fremantle Childre's Fiesta November
  Fundraiser Concert July
  Sing at CPSU rally June
  Chimes of Freedom June
  May Day Union March May
  Harmony Concert March
2009 Sing It! December
  Walk Against Warming December
  Fremantle Multicultural Centre AGM December
  Concert for Peggy Gunn November
  Joint Concert August
  Labour History Conference Dinner July
  Radio Broadcast June
  May Day Union March May
  May World Fair Trade Day May
  Sing at the Funeral February
2008 National Folk Festival April
  Joint concert